It Is Time To Bleed!

A sudden churning in her stomach perturbed her slumber, making her a little uneasy. She changed her position and for a few minutes silence surrounded her such that she could hear her own heartbeats! With a jerk she sat up wondering what is the date, but before she could do anything, an exhilarating pain shot through her abdomen. Holding her belly, palms digging into her flesh, she screamed inaudibly. Tears rolled down her dazed eyes. She felt suffocated by the cruel law of nature!

She laid down and took deep breaths in hope that soon the pain will alleviate but to her dismay nothing happened. She waited and waited, but her agony only increased, increased so much that it was unbearable to take so much in one go. Her legs were quivering, quailing incoherently fighting to get a release and after precisely two more hours of suffering she could feel the wetness surrounded her vagina. Relief flooded her veins, after all it was that Time of the month, which even women are abashed to talk about in open, she exhaled and went to the washroom to take care of herself and pain that accompany women in the name of menstruation…

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Sexism: A Social Disease Need Its Cure!

“Oh come on Meera, Don’t behave  like you are not aware of how the system works,” said James with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

I was tongue-tide again, it was not for the first time my work was subsided and my competitor, Rahul’s work was approved just because Rahul was male and our dear Manager James think if women will be given more appreciation then it is like going against the inane rules of this society.

I capitulated without thinking even for a second, it was better to remain silent as if anyone raised their voice then they will be directly thrown out of this company with no ifs and buts. The biggest con’s of being a middle class is remain silent and scared, if you raised your voice, then your job will be gone on one side, your respect which you have earned with so much hard work will also be gone with a blink of an eye! Without meeting James unfaltering gaze which was not at all guilty, I decide to go back to my desk!

“What does this big-brown eyed, short-haired, round face with full of wrinkles think of himself?” I groaned on my way back to the exit gate.

The moment I was about to turn the metal knob, James voice stopped me in my tracks. For a moment I thought it was all a prank that James was pulling off at my expense and just maybe this time my presentation was indeed accepted, after all I have spent one month in preparing it, collecting all the facts, putting them together was not less than a tedious task!

I turned and tried to put a straight face, I didn’t want to be happy without any reason and was looking for a positive response just this one time.

James got up from his Black revolving chair, hands in his pockets, eyes looked  a little suspicious. He opened the front button of his gray color jacket underneath was white crisp shit with black buttons, paired it with a dark gray tie. He wasn’t that old and according to his age, he looked fine and to be exact being in his late thirties he looked attractive enough.

“Oh my dear Meera! You gave up just so easily, aren’t you going to put up a fight?” He asked as he approached towards me with a smile on his face which surely didn’t reach his eyes.

For some reason I was worried about his query, I wasn’t expecting this coming after all! He has never talked to me like this and what kind of fight he is talking about, nobody  can argue with him once he has taken his decision, its final!

“What are you talking about?” I asked and my throat suddenly became parched, my palms became sweaty and my forehead started sweating given the fact that the air conditioner was working just fine.

“Meera, Meera, Why you behave so innocently? If you want to be chosen for this, all you have to do is ask!” James said, sliding his big masculine hands across my slender arm. I shivered in the most disgusting way, it was like thorns were making their way on my arms and I couldn’t do anything.

The hundred yard office suddenly looked so small that it was suffocating me to breathe the same air as James was. I was horrified with what was happening with me. The way his hand was rested on my shoulder was making me uneasy.

“Sir, you are crossing your line” I warned him to back off, but he didn’t instead he came even closer to me that we were nose to nose. I shut my eyes and thought about the options I was left with.

“Meera be mine, one night and your life will change, you don’t have to be the assistant manager, looking for anybody’s approval, you will be my secretary and trust me your life will become heaven. Don’t think much” He purred into my ears and my eyes started to sting as his every word registered in my mind.

“Meera tell him to fuck off, hit him where he needed to be, don’t run like other women do, its harassment, which is happening with you, he needs to learn a lesson and if not now then maybe never” My inner voice nudged and for once I listened to her.

“Get the hell away from me, you asshole” I yelled at the top my lungs shoving him with as much strength as it was possible.

“What you thought, hearing your offer I will be putty in your hands? I will succumb to your demands? Just because of people like you women are subjugated in this society! Who do you think you are? I am not your sex toy and no woman is! We are capable enough to make our own place. In the name of gender equality you hire women, this is what gender equality means? If you can’t respect women you don’t even have any right to disrespect any women” I said and by then the whole staff was looking at him with eyes wide and radiating anger.

James, head bowed, he was ashamed of what he did and for once I was proud of my inner self for making me do the right thing. With my head held high I left, leaving all the staff members to decide what should be done next.

It’s time we all should come together and in the name of gender equality eliminate this harassment which is needed. Sexism is a social disease and the only cure is to be strong enough to stand against it….





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A Silenced Voice…

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I dreamed to be a better person,

I dreamed of living in a spick and span area,

I wanted to roam in the city all night without meeting the hungry gaze of men,

Who were all ready to entrap woman like me,

I dreamed to wear clothes in which I am comfortable with regardless of the fact whether they are too short or covered,

I dreamed to be an artist without anybody enquiring me about which degree I possess or what my qualification is,

I dreamed to inhale pure, fresh air which is not full of pollution for once,

I dream to see poverty free India where not at every turn there was someone standing in the scorching heat of sun begging for few rupees,

I wanted to get educated not because it was my need but to match the inane standards of this cruel society,

I wanted to speak English regardless of this fact whether it is my native language or not,

So that nobody can point a finger at me saying I don’t belong here,

But there is a thin line between what I wanted and what I dreamed for,

As living in a brothel is not something which is appreciated and it is not easy to live a life in this hell hole,

For every need and dream here you have to pay a price which now I am not willing to give,

All these men out there don’t see me as a women who has feelings and soul,

But they see me as a women who has vagina and bosom,

They know how to use my body for their own privilege and to quench their own thirst,

But they don’t know how to worship, cherish or respect me.

I dreamed of living in a place where people are not as narrow-minded as they are,

A place where every person respected a job of prostitute,

I dreamed of getting the kind of respect a normal being has,

I dreamed of getting support from my family for what I do,

I dreamed of being a mother, bestowing all the love I have on my child,

But thinking about all this makes me even more numb to every emotion,

Knowing how the mentality of this society is and how this society functions,

Knowing they will not be able to digest a prostitute upbringing a child,

As I am anything but a human being, like I am shallow from inside,

I don’t have a character as I use my body to make my ends meet which according to them is a draconian act,

Living a life as a prostitute is a shame and brings disgrace to this society,

But before ending this right here,

I want to ask questions whose answers I am not cognizant of and for my survival I need to know them,

Why women have to endure every pain?

Why women have to be perfect and expected to be like Sita?

Why women can’t be as ferocious as a lion is?

Why raping a women does not bring disgrace for a man?

Why he is not ashamed of his own actions?

Why he gets away with every crime which is done against women?


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