Dear Zindagi (Chapter 3)


“Why are you so upset today? As far as I remember you were squealing like a child in the morning!” asked Ciara’s inner voice when Ciara was pondering over things which her inner voice was aware of yet she wanted Ciara to say it herself.

“You know why I am sulking” said Ciara with a sad face.

“You know you cannot hold onto people forever no matter how hard you try you cannot do this” her conscience said after weighing her every word as the last thing she wanted to do was to upset her even more.

“Yeah I know but it’s just sometimes some people become such an important part of our lives that when they move on while we are right there where they left us, it hurts…” Ciara said with tears in her eyes.

“You know every stranger has a role to play in your life, they come, play their roles as efficaciously as it is possible for them and when the right time comes they leave you not because now they don’t need you anymore but because now even if they remain in your lives then also it will not make any difference. So learn to let things go.” Her conscience said something which we all should ponder over.

“You will never leave me will you?” Asked a suddenly alert Ciara as even the thought of not listening to her conscience is like living life without breathing.

“It will only happen when you will die, then I have to leave you otherwise you are stuck with me for lifetime” Her inner voice said proudly.

“I love you” Ciara said with a smile playing on her vibrant face.

“I know” Her conscience retorted back proudly and swaying her head she laughed and thought only one thing.

‘Life is beautiful when you give preference to yourself, It is even more amazing when you care for others but don’t forget one thing others are here to only play their roles but you will be there for yourself when no one will be there so love yourself unconditionally…’

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Trapped #short story

‚ÄčTrapped #short story

Women have power of saraswati, durga and laxmi if they want they can make their house heaven lest they can even make it hell… yet we are accused of trapping men in the nutshell. Don’t you think it’s the other way round?

“You are a Women, you will never understand all this and I am a man a successful person because of whom you exist! This is how the society works my dear, so from the next time you better think twice before you ask” he said with so much venom that her whole body shuddered.

“You know our financial plight,  I just want to help you. I am also as qualified as you are so if I want to do job and help my family out it isn’t a crime right? ” she dared to say that although from inside she was shaking terribly of the repercussion. She is not bold infact she is shy but it is said sometimes even the most fragile person has to become strong for the betterment of the family.

“Hahahaa, if ever this thing cross your mind again, then don’t blame of what happens afterthat!” With this he was gone.

This was a routine in their house but what he did was correct? Before marriage he promised to take care of her and give her the freedom of taking her own decisions but after marriage everything changed… His dreams became a part of her dreams and slowly his every dream dominated her’s. Women usually lost their identity to build somebody else’s career, they go through every change so that they can build a secure future for her loved ones… This is what women are they are shy from outside but are capable of making house a HOME….


Dear Zindagi (Chapter 1)

“Life is so unfair sometimes you know” Ciara said to her conscience the moment she reached that one place where she can voice out all her worries.

“It never promised to be fair” retorted her inner voice.

“True but sometimes why things take drastic changes? Why can’t everything be as we want it to be” Ciara asked, her brows furrowed.

“If everything goes as we planned then what will be the fun of living life? At every juncture we will know what is store for us! There will be no mystery, no fun, no excitement. It will be like an open book” said her conscience.

“Yeah you are right, I don’t know why I even asked you all this” Ciara said realizing how stupid her questions were.

“Don’t insult yourself ever! If you will insult yourself then who will respect you and your questions weren’t stupid, you just voiced out what you wanted to which many people out there don’t have guts to” said her inner voice in a authoritative manner making her shiver.

“I am always here for you, even if the whole world is against you, I will still be there to solve all your problems. What you have to do is talk to me and answers will come from within you” said her conscience before she could say anything and then like a stroke of wind she was gone, leaving Ciara all alone yet she knew one thing she is not alone, may be physically she is but not mentally or emotionally.

With this thought she made her way towards her home but with a smile on her face…

To Be Continued…


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