3 Books that made me think!

1. The Palace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni As strange as it might sounds but I never knew what Mahabharata was all about, although I knew the crux of it; about what happens with Draupadi and the great war yet I never tried hard enough to dig deep into it to unravel this story... Continue Reading →

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Is it easy to escape yourself?

There are times we face in our lives when it becomes difficult and arduous in order to know what feelings to keep in and what to let go. There are parts of us which we hope could delete forever but it is impossible to do so and it keeps haunting our present as well as... Continue Reading →

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Path, Destination, and Bullshit!

When you don't know in which path you are traveling to or what is the destination you are heading towards, it all becomes messy. Things start to scare you and somewhere you stop fighting for what you really want. I know what I want to be, but I don't want to admit, I am too... Continue Reading →

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Life and the Drama Prevails…

My life sucks and so does everybody else's life! The only difference is the way we all deal with our ups and downs. Nobody is perfect and neither am I yet somewhere between running for things which don't matter to letting go of the chances which actually matters we all grew up! And today in... Continue Reading →

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"How privileged I am" people often say this to me,I just nod and smile,They don't know my journey and will never know,To know my journey you need to dig deep,How I slogged day and night to be who I am,But this is another time's other story,Let's not dwell into that,Then they say "you are so... Continue Reading →


If things don't work as they should have,Try a little harder,Push yourself until and unless you get what you want,don't settle for anything less,Try a little harder,You will reach there one day,It will all be over,There will be tears in your eyes,People will shed one or two tears too,But that will be the sole proof... Continue Reading →

Dear Zindagi (Chapter 5)

"Ciara will you just sit for once and relax!" My subconscious said for the hundredth time. "No, I cannot relax right now! I have so much on my plate right now!" I said irritably. "Yeah, I know that. Stop right now Cia, unless I will make you fall then you will cuss me!" My subconscious... Continue Reading →

It Is Time To Bleed!

A sudden churning in her stomach perturbed her slumber, making her a little uneasy. She changed her position and for a few minutes, silence surrounded her such that she could hear her own heartbeats! With a jerk, she sat up wondering what is the date, but before she could do anything, an exhilarating pain shot... Continue Reading →

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